Z5.0 Is there any way to put graphics in notes?

edited January 11, 2017
Before the new editor, in Z5.0 I could paste graphics into notes using Ctrl+V.

For example, I captured some part of PDF file and pasted it into notes without problem. Then the graphic was turned into long HTML codes when I see source code.

But in the new editor, I can't paste graphics.

The graphics that I put in previous version is turned automatically like the following:

img src="blob:resource://zotero/eb8c6c96-43ab-4fa3-ab67-60d7554227cd" alt="" width="486" height="220" /

My questions are:

1) Is there any way to put graphics in the new editor?

2) In the link above, where is the picture? Can I find that using file explorer?

Always thanks.
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    Quoting @Dan%20Stillman:
    Nothing new to 5.0 here — notes in images have just never been supported, and the fact that you can add them at all under some circumstances is a fluke. (Obviously it would be better if Zotero either supported them for real or fully prevented adding them.) You can add images to items as child attachments.
    […] as I say, this has never been supported. In 4.0 these would've just caused sync errors, because the resulting notes would have been too large to sync. The sync architecture in 5.0 filters them out instead.

    We're hoping to properly support images in notes at some point and count them against the file sync quota, but at the moment it's just not something that's intended to work.
    Source: https://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/1137
  • Oh, I see.

    But in previous versions there have been "insert image" context menu to insert link for graphics. If not possible for now, it would be great to restore "insert image" menu. It may not make notes too large to sync.

  • no, on the contrary -- we shouldn't add an option for something that's not actually working. If users add images, they'd presumably expect them to sync.
  • OK. That's the problem I couldn't think of. I clearly understand.
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