Error Report 863189901

Have received this syncing error a number of times. My WebDAV sync server settings have not been changed for a number of weeks and have worked just fine until very recently this message began to appear. The only thing different is that I currently am in the US while usually I'm over in Europe.
  • any chance ISP related? Are you at an institution that may force you through a proxy or so?
  • HTTP 401 error from WebDAV server for OPTIONS request
    Yeah, you're getting an authentication failure. This is an issue with either the server or your network connection.
  • edited January 11, 2017
    Thanks Dan and Sebastian. It looks like I simply need to use the https setting (in Prefs>Sync) rather than the http one I've been using up to now. Checked on my webDAV server and believe that I have successfully synced today's data. Grateful for your prompt responses.
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