Error ID 591149798 / Tag too long, but I can not locate it nor delete it

Hi all,
Happy new Year to all Zoterians ! Thanks to all for this wonderful tool.
Here is my first 2017's Zotero error ...

Zotero can not sync with my Zotero Server Account, because there is a too long tag. I've looked to find this tag to delete it. I can not find it and as a consequence, I can not delete it nor sync my Zotero database...

Steps to reproduce this error :
1. A wrong tag is saved (I copy-pasted a text, while the copied text was the abstract, not the tag I wanted).
2. I deleted the tag in the document property.
3. I noted that my Zotero database can not sync correctly. The error message is "Tag XXXXX too long"
4. I searched the XXXXX tag on the tag left panel to delete it, but I can not find it.

Is there another way to delete this tag ?

Thanks for your help.
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