Problem with ecyclopedia section citation (probably localisation problem?)


I'm new to the forum but I tried to read through all the helpful pages I found but I couldn't reallz solve my problem. Witch is:

If I cite a encyclopedia entry with page/section etc. it appears that there is a wrong blank/space. An example will make it clear:

istead of "author, title sec. xyz." I am getting "author, titlesec. xyz ." or as I use the German version I am actually getting "author, title§ XYZ ." instead of "author, title § XYZ." So the blank/space should be in the front but appears in the end of the "sec. XYZ".

With books or chapters everything works well and I don't have this problem. Thats why I thought it cannot be a problem with my style but might be a problem with the localisation?

Can someone help?

Thanks a lot.
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