[D351847734] No attachment downloading with Zotero 5 beta

Dear all,
First of all again many thanks for the splendid work and all the help so far. It is really appreciated.
I have recently upgraded my Zotero databasesto the new 5 beta version, and have encountered a small problem [Debug-ID: D351847734]. Basically, no attachments (pdf files, website snapshots, etc.) are downloaded from the server after I have performed a clean install. I have tried to unlink the account/delete all the storage files, and I have also kept syncing running over night (with no success).
Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance and all best wishes,
  • Are you still seeing this in the latest beta build?
  • Dear Dan,
    Many thanks for your comment. In the most recent version, it appears to work very well (my apologies, I should have updated this question). Again, many thanks for your assistance, I really appreciate the work that is being put into Zotero!
    All best wishes,
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