Generate Bib Without Live Connection?

It looks like the bibliography is now being generated with a live connection to the database. I think this may be the cause of the huge delays some of us are experiencing during the process of generation. Is it possible to keep the rest of the doc live but generate a bib that is disconnected? Thx, M
  • Pretty sure you're misunderstanding something here. Let's back up — what's the issue, exactly?
  • Sorry. Click on the icon to generate a bib. It often but not always takes forever, especially on refresh if the bib style is changed. I thought that perhaps this is the case because I have an "edit bib" icon (which I do not recall having previously) which implies that some kind of connection exists between each bib entry and the database. That, in turn, implies, perhaps, more resources, time, etc., for generating the bib. But perhaps I merely imagine that the edit bib icon is new, or I imagine that its function, even if new, requires more resources. If either is the case, disregard. My forgettor is well-developed, and my imagination is, well, "imaginative." Thx, M
  • Yes, the Edit Bibliography button has always existed.
  • Thanks, Dan, for your patient support. M
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