book edition number "undefined" in APA-style reference

Zotero (1.5b2) creates the following reference:

Cialdini, R. B. (1993). Influence: Science and practice (3undefined ed.). New York: HarperCollins.
instead of (3rd ed.)

Is this a bug in the APA style csl?
  • Can't reproduce this. What is the value of the Edition field of the item? Is it "3"?
  • Also: are you using the English locale or something else?
  • igw
    edited March 25, 2009
    Yes, edition field is "3"

    It's not due to APA-style

    This is what I get with Chicago Manual of Style:
    Author, A. Book title. 1. ed. Location: Publisher, 2000.
    Author, A. Book title. 2undefined ed. Location: Publisher, 2000.
    Author, A. Book title. 3undefined ed. Location: Publisher, 2000.

    My default installation was german locale, but I switched
    extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale to "en-US"
  • edited March 25, 2009
    Is the locale set to "en-US" with or without the quotes?
  • igw
    edited March 25, 2009
    without quotes.
  • Any ideas?
  • Try updating Chicago styles? I have the latest Chicago and sync1.5b2 and I have no problem with edition numbers.
  • igw
    edited April 11, 2009
    It doesn't seem to be caused by the styles. I got this error with every style I tried. My guess would be it has something to do with the locale change.
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