Change zotero's interface language only

I want to change Zotero's language to English WIHTOUT changing all of Firefox's language settings. Is this possible?
  • edited December 31, 2016
    No. (I don't think changing general.useragent.locale affects the text of the Firefox UI itself if you're using a non-English version, but it would affect other Firefox add-ons and websites.)

    You can use Zotero Standalone in English, though.
  • (Any particular reason you want to use Zotero in English? If there's a problem with a given locale, you can of course also help us improve it.)
  • Because I don't like the translation into Spanish. It also makes it much harder to google problems. Most answers are in English, so I first have to figure out what the instructions would be in Spanish. It's extremely annoying.
  • I don't understand why you can't just let the user decide what language they want to use zotero in.
  • Since the Firefox-only version is going away anyway (to be replaced by Standalone+Connector), this would seem to be a moot problem pretty soon anyway.
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