Stored attachments with WebDAV vs linked attachments with and cons?

Hi all,

My current setup syncs my zotero library and attached files to via WebDAV. I just got a tablet and I'm considering switching to linked files through ZotFile and syncing the PDF directory between devices with box. The advantage of the latter setup is that a 3rd party iPad app can sync with the folder where PDFs are stored, and I don't have to use the manual "send to tablet" function. I am wondering, though, what the potential downsides are to switching from a native webdav sync of stored attachments to a zotfile/box sync of linked attachments. Can anyone advise? I have a big library (7500) and don't want to make the change if there might be issues.

I am aware that Papership is a possibility for an iPad-oriented workflow but certain aspects of the PDF reader in Papership are suboptimal (limited apple pencil support; inability to zoom out more than page-width), and so I would like to annotate PDFs using a more robust app. Papership doesn't develop their own annotation app so it's unclear when/whether they will improve.

thanks in advance.
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