All I want for Christmas is PMCID import

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    Manually triggering "Check for Updates" did not update compatibility, which I've been trying for a few days (On Github, Emiliano said this should now work seven days ago). I guess auto or manual updates for the manifest are failing for my computers (Mac OS 10.14.6).

    Installing PMCID fetcher manually does not trigger a "It may be incompatible with this version of Zotero" error, which it does for many other plugins (like PubPeer or Scite). So, I unzipped the version 0.0.11 for PMCID fetcher, and the install.rdf has a max version 6.0 (even though Github doesn't show that - the last modification to the repo was done two years ago and both install and update rdf have max versions 5.0.* there). That probably explains why manually installing the xpi fixes compatibility.

    Regardless, I have a viable workaround, so I don't want to waste anybody's time on my computers' peculiar behavior. Thank you.
  • PMCID fetcher has been updated
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    A huge thanks to @emilianoeheyns!
    And kudos to @granto for keeping this thread hot.
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