Download Statistics for CSL Styles

edited December 26, 2016
I am interested, if you have and can share any download statistics for the different CSL styles downloaded from ? More details such as long tail for less used styles or changes during time would be great for any further analysis. I am aware of that there are more places to download the styles from, but I guess you capture a relevant portion of the overall downloads.
  • yeah, that would be really interesting. Always wanted to know the uptake of the style I wrote for my university some years ago.
  • (Carles Pina from Mendeley once shared usage data about CSL styles with us as well; he's on sabbatical right now, though)
  • Is there any way to have download statistics for a precise CSL Style ? Thank you for your answer and help.
  • edited October 19, 2018
    I'm not sure Zotero tracks that information.

    (sorry, my original reply was meant for a different thread)
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