Problems with local copies after leaving a group library

edited December 20, 2016
I left a group that is no longer used. Three issues arise:

1. Sync throws errors (report ID 1308708938 and report ID 114769480).
2. I can't seem to delete the (local copy) of the group library. It is no longer listed under groups, so I can't delete it there. And in the local Zotero Standalone interface there doesn't appear to be any way to delete group libraries.
3. I can't even delete items within that locally listed group library — it tells me "You cannot make changes to the currently selected collection". Perhaps this was already the case when I was a member (don't recall) but anyway if a local copy is left after leaving that should definitely be editable, no?

So how do I get rid of this group now? (The internal ID is 11566 or 24397 I think.)
  • 2 and 3 are just byproducts of 1: the library will disappear once the sync completes successfully.
    What are the errors Zotero gives you when you click on the red exclamation mark next to the sync button?
  • The problem-generating group is one I did not create, which I left 1 week ago, and which has not disappeared since (though it is no longer listed in the online Groups interface). The error message simply is "File sync error". The error log seems to contain details about files that are not found. Since I didn't change any files locally I assume that refers to files in the group I'm no longer a member of.

    For further testing I've deleted an unused group library and the sync for that completes immediately, removing the group locally.

    However, I've also seen that my systems behave differently: the problems happen only on one of them. Will look into the possibility that there are version differences in Z Standalone (the problematic one is an office PC which is sometimes troublesome with updates).
  • Yes, you'll obviously want to replicate this with an up-to-date version of Zotero. In case it persists, if you don't mind, I'd assume Dan would find the group name or ID helpful.
  • It's version, same on both sides. The problem group that persists on one site is mentioned in the report IDs mentioned above. Its name is "Cursos MLI CIESAS". Newly generated report ID: 553947656.
  • Problem persists (new report ID 1454010236). Would appreciate help! It doesn't look like this is going away anytime soon — sync on one end now always ends in "A file sync error occurred", with reference to the problematic group library.
  • How about now?
  • Was syncing for a while...

    Now fixed! No error anymore and my local copy of the group is finally gone. Thank you!
  • I have the same problem as mark - however, I even don't get any error message. The sync process is succesful in any way, only the group that I (as owner) deleted online is still in the stand alone version of Zotero and can't be deleted manually. What can I do? Thank you!
  • Solved... I don't know what happened, the group was there for 24 h after deleting it online and syncing a bunch of times, and now it's gone... Zotero is working smoothly as always :-)
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