5.0 Beta r98/99 ScienceDirect import issue : (see 3rd edit/update)

edited December 15, 2016

When I visit the following page:

Clicking on the multi-item download folder icon brings up a listing of all articles on the page as expected. However, upon selecting all of the items for import the process only imports some of the items. The debug report shows my second attempt to download all of the 17 items on the page. This import brought in a couple of the items that my first attempt fetched but it seems that there were some items that were imported that weren't included in the first attempt.

This is a new problem for me. I have been able to import multiple items from ScienceDirect using earlier versions of 5-beta. Also, individual items import without any problem.

I just now tested the import process using another journal publisher.

See: http://trrjournalonline.trb.org/toc/trr/2016/2598/+

Although the number of items listed when clicking the Zotero folder icon was 14, only 5 were imported.

I tested another publisher, see:


All 7 of 7 items were imported.

Edit 3:

After upgrading from r98 to r99 I restarted my computer and tried ScienceDirect again with a different page:

I was able to download 7 of 13 items on that page.


Thank you for all the extraordinary work you do for Zotero.
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    This might not be fixed, but see if you can still reproduce this with the latest build (105).

    Never mind — seems to still be happening in some cases.
  • To clarify, this is only with Zotero for Firefox in connector mode, right?
  • I'll do more testing. I was using Z Standalone. Tomorrow, I'll test with chrome and safari in addition to firefox.

    I began using the FF version of Zotero 5 beta. I started using the standalone as soon as I noticed it was available. I probably removed (or disabled) FF addon version when I started using Z5 standalone. I believe that I was using Z 5 Standalone and the FF browser to access ScienceDirect. More info here in about 10 hours.
  • Thanks, but I can reproduce this, so no point testing this further until a fix is out.
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