[Zotero 5.0beta] problem with the Add/Edit citation function

Hi Dan, there seems to be an odd conflict between the libroffice add-on 3.5.12 and the Zotero Beta. Specifically: if, in a new libreoffice document I try to insert a citation AND I haven't already opened up Zotero in Firefox, the Add/Edit Citation Window never [and by never, I mean having waited for more than a couple of minutes] populates with references that I can select.

If I start up Zotero in a tab, wait for it to sync the Add/Edit window still doesn't populate.If I shut the window and reopen it, everything is fine. So not the most devastating of problems, but an odd one.

Firefox 50.02
Zotero 5.0-beta.r98

[linux Mint 18, not that I think that's an issue here]
  • Can you provide a Report ID? I can't reproduce on macOS.
  • edited December 14, 2016
    HI Dan, here you go:

    report ID is 909234494

    The Debug ID is D78586720

  • Oh, wait, you're using the classic dialog? I can reproduce problems with that. I'll take a look, but the standard Quick Format popup works fine.
  • Thanks Dan - yes I am using the classic dialogue.
    Always found it quicker for my work flow than the alternative.
  • This should be fixed in the latest build, r99, which should be available in a few minutes. Let me know if you still run into trouble.
  • Hi Dan, installed the update and yes the Add/Edit window does now start/populate now, thanks.

    One other thing - not sure if you want me to start a new post or not, but, still using the classic citation window, if I add any text to either the prefix, suffix or page number fields, save the citation, then try to edit it, all the text that I've added is gone.
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