Merging three different parts into one word document

Hi, I need to know if there is any better way to do this:
I have three parts of the documents with various, often repetitive citations. So when I merge all three, the numbers of citations change, but they do not automatically update. For example, when I cited something in the first part (under for example footnote 15), and in the second part it is cited under footnote 4. When merged the document does not update footnote number and keeps using in the short reference the number of the old document. So when in the merged document next time the reference of the footnote 15 is used, the rest of the footnotes in the document are still messed up, since they still refer to the old number 4. I am now going through hundreds of pages, fishing for the references with messed up numbers and updating them manually. Please help.
  • Plus, the following error: Cannot generate JSON from changed item: {"key":"E5ZGHHNM","changed":{},"primaryData":{"itemTypeID":true},"itemData":{"1":true,"14":true,"22":true,"110":true,"116":true},"itemDataAlt":false,"creators":false,"altCreators":false,"deleted":false,"note":false,"source":false,"attachmentData":false}
  • How can I solve this, please?
  • which citation style are you using?
  • Have you tried using the "Refresh" button in the Zotero add-on?
  • yes, refresh button also gives this error. When I refresh, it does not change the citation, I have to insert a new one each time to substitute.
  • Could you try two things:
    1) Join together different combinations of 2 parts of the document, see if that helps
    2) Show Field Codes in Word (alt+F9, or alt+FN+F9 on Mac) and see if you can find that bit of code in the error message above and if so, delete it and see if that helps.
  • In the end I just had to update every single citation manually. 200 pages of it!
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