Failure to sync ("Uploaded data not well-formed"?)

With a vanilla installation of zotero, after adding a single file to the library, sync no longer works. Below is the dump of the error message - any hints are appreciated.

Syncing seems to work "downstream", i.e., I get the changes from the server, but my modifications are not sent.

Firefox is 50.0.2, Zotero is

The complete error message is too long to post here, see

Tail of the error is:


[JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this._recipeManager is null" {file: "resource://gre/modules/LoginManagerParent.jsm" line: 77}]
[JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this._recipeManager is null" {file: "resource://gre/modules/LoginManagerParent.jsm" line: 77}]
[JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this._recipeManager is null" {file: "resource://gre/modules/LoginManagerParent.jsm" line: 77}]
[JavaScript Error: "Uploaded data not well-formed (Report ID: c204bf710a)" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/sync.js" line: 2595}]
Zotero.Sync.Server, platform => Linux x86_64, oscpu => Linux x86_64, locale => en-US, appName => Firefox, appVersion => 50.0.2, extensions => Ubuntu Modifications (3.2, extension), FoxyProxy Standard (4.5.7, extension), Pocket (1.0.5, extension), Multi-process staged rollout (1.5, extension), Web Compat (1.0, extension), Application Update Service Helper (1.0, extension), English (GB) Language Pack (50.0.2, locale), English (South Africa) Language Pack (50.0.2, locale), OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. (1.6, plugin), Shockwave Flash (, plugin), VLC Multimedia Plugin (compatible Videos 3.10.1) (, plugin, disabled), DivX® Web Player (, plugin, disabled), QuickTime Plug-in 7.6.6 (, plugin, disabled), Windows Media Player Plug-in 10 (compatible; Videos) (, plugin, disabled), iTunes Application Detector (, plugin, disabled), IcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.5.3 (1.5.3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1)) (, plugin, disabled), Silverlight Plug-In (5.1.40416.0, plugin, disabled)
  • Did you just generate that? I can't find that error report. Can you generate another?
  • In any case, though, while I'm not sure of the exact cause, I suspect you'll find that this will go away very easily with a few library changes. We're about to roll out Zotero 5.0 with a totally new sync architecture, so not worth worrying about if so.
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