I have just noticed that the size of my Zotero data directory is less than shown on my online library. I am using standalone Zotero, with a custom location of /Users/username/Library/application Support/Firefox/Profiles/randstring.default/Zotero
When I backup, is this the same data as is being synced online?
  • how much less are we talking about? Generally the online storage should be smaller than your data directory, not larger, but there could be some variation. Is this the only computer you're syncing from?

    Not sure I understand the question about back-up? Are you following these instructions?
  • edited December 11, 2016
    Seems to have been an issue with my machine's 'Get Info' utility measuring the size of the zotero folder. 'Get Info' was giving an incorrect size (not updating). When measured from inside the zotero folder, however, it corrected itself, and now 'Get Info' on the zotero folder is accurate overall. My question concerning backup related to me trying to understand whether the files were located somewhere else, given the inaccurate size measurement. That is no longer an issue.
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