Zotero 5.93 standalone - migrating translators from v4 installation

edited December 11, 2016
Comparing Zotero 4 and Zotero 5.93 standalone installations.
In Zotero 4 the translators folder was found in ..


I had previously tested some experimental translator files in that folder.

The standalone Zotero 4 was installed in /opt/zotero (in Ubuntu) and there was a folder containing translators inside zotero.jar. Only a small translators.index file accompanied this folder.


Now, having recently installed Zotero 5.93 (standalone), and leaving the Firefox and Chrome connectors untouched, I inspect the innards of the latest zotero.jar (5.93).
I see a full new translators folder which seems to duplicate the translators folder in the Firefox profile. Also there is a translators.json file which is an index of the Zotero 5.93 translators.

However when I now go into Zotero 5.93 standalone, right click on a Collection and choose Export Collection .. the Export popup window refers to the older list of translators (not the latest version 5.93). I only noticed this because I had added a custom translator which does not appear in the new Zotero 5.93 folder but does appear in the Export Collection menu.

So when do the Zotero 5.93 translators come into play? How are they migrated? I suspect that this is due to my mixing old with new. Should I install Zotero 5.93 into the Firefox profile? I am use Chromium Web Browser connector at the moment but the legacy storage directory remains in Firefox profile.
  • There are no new Translators for Zotero 5.0 and additional translators aren't overwritten on re-install. The relevant translators -- i.e. the ones that actually translate -- are the ones in the Zotero data folder, not in the .jar

    The files you found are the set of translators that ships with Zotero and can be used to recreate the default set should something go wrong (by using "reset translators" in the advanced tab).
  • @dragonfly, a little off-topic, but it would be clearer to refer to beta versions as "5.0-beta.r93" or "5.0b93", or something. Using "5.93" looks just like a regular version number, which is a little confusing.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I'll follow the naming convention "5.0-beta.r93".
    Having now tried the Reset Translators (just for testing) would it be prudent to offer an option to backup the translators folder before resetting?
    Granted, there is a warning notice ..
    Any new or modified translators will be lost.
  • No. An extremely small number of people modify the translators directory manually, and they can deal with this on their own.
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