Update on "Import a Collection (with subcollections) into a Group library" please


I was just reading this thread "Import a Collection (with subcollections) into a Group library" which states (2011) that it is possible to import a collection into a group library (rather than add items).

Is it working? If so, how please.

I'm having some problems (steming from lack of knowledge/understanding) of groups and zotero which are hampering working effectively. I'd appreciate clarification:

1) If I drag and drop a new item (working in the zotero client) from a My library/collection into the group library (in the zotero client) what steps do I need to take for that item to appear in the group library online?
- if I'm logged on within Zotero online should this happen without further action from me? Or do I need to sync?

2) If I switch to adding something within the Group library (or another member of that group does this) what steps are required for this item to show in the group library on my PC?

3) What is the current position with what transfers into the group library if either dragging and dropping items or (if working) importing a collection into a group library.

4) On syncing - is there a way to maintain the date added field (i.e. not over write after syncing? I lost all my different date added information after a sync - which was not good as I was using the dates because they mapped onto a search record I was keeping :(

Many thanks

  • The answer to 1 and 2 is that you need to sync all involved computers. There's a setting for sync to be automatic that we strongly recommend to all Zotero users (it's also the default setting in the Sync tab of Zotero).

    3) By default, everything you drag to a group from My Library in the client is transferred. There are two exceptions to this:
    a) Attached files are not transferred where the group doesn't allow attachments or where you don't have the required permission to add/edit files
    b) The item (or an earlier iteration of it) has already been added to the group

    4) Sync shouldn't affect date added ever. Did you report this at the time? If so, is there a link to that thread?

  • Hello
    On 4) No I didn't report it at the time, as I wasn't sure if it should or shouldn't happen. It did happen - in zotero standalone. When I first imported the references into Standalone they all had a date added of 11th July 2016. After I syncd (after a period of not working on the project) the date for everything changed to 5th December 2016. One important piece of information - I changed computer between adding them the first time (11 July) and sync-ing on the 5th December.

    I've got the client on this computer - not set to sync automatically and in the client the references do not all have the same date...

    I'm working in standalone using a separate/different username because I also have thousands of references for other projects on another machine that I do not want to sync, as I don't want all that work visible on a work computer unrelated to those thousands of references.

  • Sorry, I'm not sure if there's still a question? If so, could you specify it again.
  • Adam I was responding to your question about whether I'd reported the issue of sync and dates changing. Please see my reply the information in it might mean it isn't 'an issue' that needs reporting.
  • It's definitely not a general issue. I have "Date Added" back almost 10 years on my computer that I started using this year.

    How did you transfer data between the two computers when you switched between July and December?
  • I exported the files from one computer and imported them to the new one.
  • That's not the recommended way of transferring data and that _does_ cause date added to be reset:
  • Hi Adam,

    Yes I know but its also not possible (is it?) to transfer a partial library using the recommended way (which is what I needed to do), hence having to take that option. I wanted to transfer a collection within my library.

  • Right there isn't a way to do partial transfers like that. But still, it was the export/import, not they sync that changed the data added, which is what I was responding to above.
    Is there any other question that's still unanswered?
  • No, thanks I know for next time.
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