Multiple tags: UI issue in Z.5 FF and Z.5 Standalone

edited December 8, 2016
When adding multiple tags in the tag-field (with Shift+Enter after the first tag) there seems no way to finish the tagging process: clicking outside the textfield, the latter just stays open, hitting enter just adds a new line, escape reverts the text entry.
Expected behavior according to functionality in previous versions: clicking outside of text field closes the latter; or return+return closes the textfield and returns focus to left side pane with collections or library selected. (This is the behavior with a single tag-entry.)
Instead: text-field stays open – even if the item in the middle pane is changed.

Behavior is identical in both Z.5-FF and Z.5-Standalone. Z.5-beta92 / OSX 10.11.6 / FF50.0.2
  • Fixed in r93, which will be available in a few minutes — thanks.
  • edited December 8, 2016
    Thanks - impressive turnaround! This works now in beta93, both in Z. Standalone and Z.FF. There is still some strangeness in the process (e.g. a hairline grey box persisting, sometimes beyond change of item in the mid-pane) that is neither the selected state of the text field (blue box) nor the un-selected state of the tag field (no box).
  • I'm not seeing this. Can you link to a screenshot?
  • edited December 18, 2016
    Have changed machine and the version of my OS since our last exchange. Cannot reproduce the phenomenon after two trials right now. Will post if anything of the sort returns.
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