Just curious: What's the difference between ○ and ● in attachment column?

edited December 7, 2016
What's the difference between ○(unfilled circle) and ●(filled circle) in attachment column?

Some items with attachment files have ○, and others have ●. I can't come to understand what is the difference between them.


  • a full circle means the attachment is present locally, an empty circle means it isn't. Typically you should only see empty circles if
    - you're not syncing files
    - you're using file sync as needed
    - file sync hasn't yet completed.
  • Thanks. It's very helpful.
  • Thanks, this perfectly explains what the column means in the context of attachment rows; but what does the column mean in the rows of parent items? (I would imagine it should display an empty circle when all attachments are locally present, and a full circle otherwise -- but that is not how it behaves in my Zotero installation.)
  • It's the status of the "primary" attachment — the one that opens when you double-click the parent item. (Generally speaking, the first PDF you added to the item, or the first snapshot.)
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