Attachments not syncing to WebDAV after reset

edited December 6, 2016
After a dataloss on my WebDAV server I need to restore my intact local library to the new WebDAV directory. Have set up and verified the new WebDAV address in the sync settings - it shows ok. Have subsequently followed the steps for resetting with the "sync files to the server", dialogue confirming that this will happen at the next sync session. However, no discernible sync activity takes place (it's 12,5 GB - I would notice.)
After setting-up a new address and before the reset the sync client has successfully uploaded a few files to the WebDAV server but stopped after 153MB.
My settings are simple: only one computer syncs to WebDAV. I use both standalone and FF versions of Zotero working from the same database, only my FF version syncs, both to Zotero and WebDAV.
Have external HD back-ups of my (intact) local Zotero library, my online account looks ok with all items present. How can I get sync to upload my attachments to WebDAV?
FF 50.02 / Zotero 5.br88 / OSX 10.11.6
  • You should just need to use Reset File Sync History. You don't want to use any of the other reset options.
  • What's the expected time interval for such a reset to effect the syncing to start?
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    It doesn't. You just do it once and then click the Sync button.
  • A further Reset of the File Sync History via the FF version of Zotero did not trigger the sync. Have instead done the same via the standalone version (same steps, same settings) and the sync started immediately; it has been chugging away for the last few hours, as I would expect with a library of that size, and I see the files piling in on the WebDAV server. Thanks.
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