Resolved: APA 6 Styling issue multiple entries same author same year

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Whenever I cite multiple publication by the same author, from the same year in a word document using the Word Plug-in, it has issues with adding a letter to the year (2016a, 2016b, ...).

It happens both when citing multiple publications at once as when the publications are cited separately. Sometimes it would be just one publication that misses a letter, other times none would get a letter. Sometimes only the bibliography would be missing the letters.

E.g. I am citing multiple publications from 2016 by the European Commission (EC)

This issue is isolated to the APA6 style as it seems to work correctly in APA5 or other styles like the Chicago one.

Below are two example files:

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    I have singled out the likely cause of the problem.

    Two of those sources have a title that starts out exactly the same:
    • Commission staff working document Accompanying the document Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the review of the wholesale roaming market
    • Commission staff working document Impact Assessment Accompanying the document Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 531/2012 as regards rules for wholesale roaming markets
    On top of that, they were published on the same day. Which also seems to cause some errors.

    I guess the Macro somehow has difficulty processing the order in which these documents ought to appear in the bibliography.

    Anyone who can help me fix this issue?

  • Could you export at least 2 of the EC sources that consistently produce this problem in APA6 to Zotero RDF (right-click --> Export selected items --> Zotero RDF, no notes & attachments) and post the RDF somewhere? (onedrive like above is fine). Having the exact citations to reproduce this will help.
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    I added some BEREC-files as well as I seem to have the problem there.
    Originally I didn't add the time of publication, but that was just an attempt to resolve this.

    In case of the BEREC files, it's No. BoR (16) 33, No. BoR (16) 34 and No. BoR (16) 28 Rev. 1 that caused me troubles.

    Here is another document with citations from sources in that RDF-file:!Agc_DRy9N4WXsKhKebpi6-wHWFLe2A
  • Anybody any ideas? :)
  • which version of Zotero are you using exactly? When I just download and refresh the document from your last post with the latest version available for Firefox, I get correct a,b,c for both sets of references.
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    It worked! Thanks a lot! You are a hero!

    I was using the standalone version of Zotero.
    Apparently the error is indeed related to the standalone version. That one keeps generating the error. The Firefox version, however, handles it like a charm :)

    Do you think this issue would eventually be resolved in the standalone version? (I don't mind using the Firefox version as a work-around, but I prefer the standalone version personally :) )
  • Yes, Standalone is currently using an older version of the citation processor, but it'll eventually catch up, so this will definitely be fixed in Standalone as well.
  • Ok, thanks!

    Thanks again and I wish you a nice weekend :)
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