Before I pay for software that will not do what I need I tried to export from Collectorz in CSV and TXT and then import into Zotero. Failed.
My reason for getting Collectorz would be the ease of which I can simply scan books into my library. However, I do need it to move to Zotero. My library is quite large and typing ISBN numbers, while easy, is not as easy as scanning.

Any thoughts?
  • Both "CSV" and "TXT" are completely generic formats that can literally store (almost) any content in any form, so there's no way Zotero could import them. If Collectorz can't export in a bibliographic format (RIS, BibTeX, MODS, etc.), I'm afraid it will at a minimum be hard to to get the data over (not impossible -- you can load the CSV in Excel and convert it to BibTeX, especially if all you have are books. You can find instructions on the forum).

    That said, have you looked at Bibup for Zotero to save the detour through Colletorz?
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