Comma before "et al.," but not before the last proper name

I have a style that calls for:
  • Surname AB and Surname CD
  • Surname AB, Surname CD and Surname EF
  • Surname AB, Surname CD, Surname EF, et al.
Note that there is usually not a comma before the last author, but there is a comma before 'et al..' (Yes, the grammar seems to be 'confused,' but that is what the style calls for.) I don't think that CSL allows for this yet. Am I mistaken?
  • edited March 23, 2009
    I just added a cs:et-al element over the weekend for this case, and it's working in the processor rewrite that Frank Bennett is working on.
  • edited March 23, 2009
    Thanks. I hadn't caught up with the xbiblio emails over the last week or so. Yes--just adding the formatting to the string (to allow for 'prefix=, "'; 'font-style="italics"'; and others) solves this.
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