Edit same field for multiple items

  • I find a simple solution using Zutilo.
    It can be applied to items of the same item type.

    1) use Zutilo to "copy item fields" of one of the items that you want to edit
    2) past the contents into Notepad or any text editor
    3) change the value of the fields that you want to edit
    4) delete all the fields that you do not want to change except the "itemType" field
    5) copy the entire text
    6) go to Zotero and select the items that you want to change
    7) use Zotilo to "past all items fields"
  • +1 would appreciate multiple-item edits as well (which is supported in Mendeley)
  • Hello everyone!
    Can anyone tell me if there is a simple way to retype Arabic numbers into Roman, with Zutilo or any other add-on?
    Or maybe it is doable with a bibliographic style?
    I need this for the volume number field.

    Thanks in advance.

    I am also waiting keenly for the built-in batch editing in Zotero.
  • @J_Kij You should leave the volume in arabic numbers, this can indeed be done by the citation style. Which are you using?
  • Thanks for the quick answer.

    I'm quite new to bibliography management, so the thought about the citation style came to me when I had already written the question.

    For the time being, I use ASA 6 Polish, not sure if it'll stick till the final draft though.
    Maybe I won't need conversion to Roman, but I'd like to be prepared for the eventuality.
  • It should ideally work like in KeePass 2 or in foobar2000's tag editor.

    - This means that the fields that have the same value should display that value, and those that have diverging values show a greyed out "(Multiple values)".
    - When you edit fields in this view, the value is applied to all items. This can potentially be undesirable, so perhaps there should be a confirmation popup.

    As it is currently, there is a vast empty frame on the right that only says "n items selected".
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