Lytero for Windows?

If I am not mistaken, lytero only works in Linux (because of lyxpipe).

Did someone find a way to make it work in Windows?

It would be really useful.
  • Here's the old thread:

    I don't think anything has changed. At least there was no lyxpipe in LyX on Windows as of December 2008.

    I see that cb2bib has a ChangeLog line saying "2008-07-20 Set LyXPipe in Windows," but don't know what that means. I suppose that Lytero could be modified to use whatever methods WinEdt or emacs or others support, but that would not help you with LyX.
  • I guess one work-around, if you are really committed to staying on Windows & not using a virtual machine would be to use LyX under cygwin:
  • Thank you very much for your reply.
    Unfortunately I cannot use linux at work. I haven't thought of cygwin, so I am going to give it a try. I am also going to check cb2bib...
  • In cb2bib there is a menu item "Set active Lyx pipe". Then you have to point to file "", but there is no such file in my windows Lyx installation.
    My guess is, that cb2bib offers just a port for a future Lyx pipe.
    If I am mistaken, please correct me.
  • > If I am not mistaken, lytero only works in Linux (because of lyxpipe).

    Is lytero actually working for anyone anymore since Zotero 1.09? See
  • @orpheus49 Perhaps something useful to know: Next to the lyxpipe feature, Lytero also adds a "Save to BibTeX file" button, which saves you the hassle of having to export a collection and selecting the same BibTeX file over and over again. This feature works perfectly fine in Windows and I use it as my "integration" with LyX.
    In fact, now I've got the exact same workflow I had with JabRef: Make some changes to your references, hit the save button and LyX is already up-to-date.
  • Ah, I forgot to mention there is one thing you should modify in the source code in order to make the save button work (works for both the current stable release 1.0.9 and the current beta release 1.5b2):

    Change "Zotero.Utilities.prototype.strToDate"
    in lytero.js to "Zotero.Utilities.Translate.prototype.strToDate"

    In Windows, you can find the lytero.js file here:
    C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\hrxl7qde.default\extensions\\chrome\content
    (Make sure to replace USER with your own Windows username)

    (I fould this solution in the thread where Lytero was released: )
  • So is the conclusion that "save to BibTeX" in Lytero is the way to go for MS Word expats on Windows who want to give LyX a try?

    Is this Lytero workflow usable for newbies (given the occasional tech support) and stable? I'd like to hear if there are experiences with this, since I might want to recommend it to others...
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    @unhammer Sure, the "save to BibTeX" workflow shouldn't be too hard for Word users once you've seen how it works.
    First save your reference collection to a new .bib-file using Lytero. Then import that .bib-file in LyX with "Insert > List/TOC > BibTeX bibliography" and the workflow is already set up. You'll only need to click Lytero's save button once in a while to keep the collection of references up-to-date.
    Just one thing that LyX/LaTeX newcomers probably won't expect: You'll only see the references that you actually refer to in your document. (At least, that's the default behaviour; you can also set up the bibliography in LyX such that all references are shown.)

    About stability: I haven't experienced any problems with Zotero so far (am using v1.0.10 on Windows). Lytero also is quite stable as well (if you apply the hack mentioned in my last post), but I've already had a couple of occasions where Lytero's buttons weren't shown. Restarting Firefox usually fixes the problem.

    It would be nice if Zotero itself came with a save-button that exports the selected collection to the right file in the right format with just one click, which would essentially replace the functionality of Lytero's "Save to BibTeX" button. Shouldn't be too hard to implement...
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    @nferno: thanks for your comments :-) I guess I'll be recommending it... (I myself use emacs with bibsonomy and a bunch of scripts, wouldn't recommend that to anyone but hardcore geeks hehe, but it's always good to have something FOSS to recommend to Word users)

    Oh, and +1 on Zotero including that Save to Bibtex function..
  • Orpheus49, have you set your pipe correctly in lyx? Should be something like tools/preferences/paths and then find lyxserverpipe. In linux this has to be set to [home directory]/.lyx, don't know about windows. Reconfigure lyx using the menu item, and it should generate files called in and out (or similar) in that directory when you restart lyx. Then you have do identify that same directory from the lytero settings in firefox.
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