File naming

In the changelog for the new beta released March 28, it says:
"Improved attachment file naming
*Implemented auto-renaming of PDFs and other files based on the parent item’s metadata"

I have just saved an item and its associated pdf came in as "Highwire Full Text PDF". I looked through the preferences and didn't see anything about how to adjust the settings so that attachments get auto-renamed. Can someone point me in the right direction? It is so tedious to keep renaming all associated files, especially since they don't automatically come in with the .pdf extension, but "[space]PDF" which of course is not recognized as a pdf file (at least in Windows).

  • edited March 30, 2007
    The auto-renaming doesn't (currently) affect the attachment title in Zotero itself, just the filename of the associated file when using a site translator that grabs a PDF along with the item. (In other words, click "Show File" and look at the filename.)

    If the file isn't being renamed properly for a particular site translator, please provide a URL for the source that we can test.
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