Book sections and DOIs — forward compatibility

edited November 22, 2016
Just (re)noticed that when adding a book section using a DOI via "Add item by identifier" gets the item in my library but throws away the identifier: the DOI I used to locate it is nowhere to be found in the item's metadata.

A while back I made a simple proposal to prevent this kind of information loss while we're awaiting the addition of a proper DOI field for book sections:

Proposal. Have the "Add item by identifier" function put the DOI in the "Extra" field, to get not just the ability to cite DOIs, but more importantly, to achieve forward compatibility with the new functionality. I imagine that when the new functionality arrives, a simple conversion function could pick up DOIs from the Extra field and put them where they belong.

Is this at all possible?
  • Yes, absolutely possible and we should be doing this. As I think I mentioned to you (?) somewhere else, I'm hoping to switch over the DOI import to a different set of metadata, but I'm still waiting to hear back on that. In the meantime it's probably easy enough to just do this to put it in the current translator.
  • Excellent, hope it can be done soon.

    Since DOIs are a preferred way to cite, identify and locate scholarly work, throwing them away at import really is a cardinal sin for a reference manager!
  • This is now implemented (also for import via RIS and BibTeX)
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