"'Unexpected status code 500" during sync

I'm getting an "Unexpected status code 500 in Zotero.Sync.Storage.getStorageModificationTime()" error every time I attempt to sync. This is after sync having behaved well for some weeks.

Error report id: 1966074393
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    That's an HTTP 500 error from the storage server. You can send debug output to support@zot....org, referencing this thread, and we'll take a look, but it's more likely a problem on the server end.
  • Right, makes sense. Is there a way of me finding out which operation is causing this, so I might know what to look for on the server?
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    You can see it in the debug output. It should be just a regular GET (i.e., the same kind of request you get from your browser address bar) on a .prop file.
  • Right, thanks.

    It looks like the problem was an outage of Rackspace's 'Cloud Files' servers. This would have affected any users of Jungledisk who have opted for Rackspace storage (as opposed to Amazon S3).
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