How to avoid to automatically generate the `Extra` field

I found that when inserting a new reference into the library, Zotero would generate some texts in `Extra` field of that reference. The texts might be `00000` or '00005', and so on. And when using LyZ to insert the reference into a LyX document, the generated pdf processed by bibtex will contain the `Extra` field, which is not needed and might cost some paper space. So, is there any way to remove those `Extra` field for each reference?

Thanks in advance!
  • Those numbers come for the zotero scholar citation add-on that you have installed.
  • @adamsmith thank you very much for comments!

    I use the Zotero plugin in Firefox and it seems no other scholar citation add-on is installed. And Zotero can automatically recognize the webpage and select the best citation style (e.g., or, and then insert the reference into the library. This is very convenient. But I don't want it automatically add the 'Extra' notes. Currently, I manually delete those notes generated automatically. But this is absolutely not the best solution.
  • Zotero really doesn't write those numbers into Extra.
    I'd be very surprised if you didn't have installed either on this computer or another one that syncs to it.
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    @adamsmith Oh, it seems the plugin is installed... But I remember I have installed it once, but I manually removed it. Maybe the syncs record this and reinstalled it to the Firefox.

    Thanks very much!
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