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The option for to manually add a web page reference (under the 'green cross') is not showing in my zotero. If, though, I add a reference type (e.g., book) then go to the right pane (reference detail) the option to change to a web page reference format is there.

Am I missing something?

Firefox version 49.0.2
Zotero version
  • See: https://www.zotero.org/support/getting_stuff_into_your_library

    Scroll down to Saving Webpages

    You don't need to add the page manually, just follow the referenced instructions. You can add additional metadata or edit the existing metadata. Quick, easy, accurate.
  • Thanks but my point shows up at 2.47" in the video -- manually adding or changing a reference type. The menu referred to in the video (on my version) does not show web page as an option. That only appears in the reference information pane on the right. This is clearly inconsistent.

    Thanks for the tip to review this video.
  • I wasn't suggesting that you view a video. Please scroll down until you see the Saving Webpages heading. The written instructions should help you to add web pages to your library. (I didn't view the video. I do know that the written instructions will enable you to add webpages.) Good luck.
  • It seems we are having a miscommunication.

    My point is that there is a missing menu item (or so seemingly on my version).

    When manually adding a new reference (i.e., the 'green plus') the user should be able to specify a reference type (e.g., journal, book). What is missing is the option of web page.

    That option, though, is available if the users starts with a different reference type (e.g., start with a book) then go to the reference pane (on the right) and then select web page.

    This seems to be a technical issue i.e., the option to select web page should be available when starting to add a reference.
  • what DWL is referring to is this:
    Note: When you want to create an item for a web page, it is usually easiest to visit the page in your browser and then save it to Zotero (see Saving Webpages). Because of this, Zotero developers removed the Web Page item type from the “New Item” menu. However, you can still create an empty Web Page item by creating an empty item of another type and switching the item type to Web Page via the right-hand column of the Zotero pane.
    This is done on purpose/by design. It's not a technical issue.
  • Thanks for the update. This is what I wanted to establish.
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