Zotero with Lyx and LyZ

Hi, dear all, I'm using Zotero and LyZ to manage the references. I've faced one problem: when I inserting a selected reference in Zotero database using LyZ into Lyx document, it always has a note part in the references of the generated pdf file. The generated reference is as follows:

[16] S. Hochreiter and J. Schmidhuber, “Long short-term memory,” Neural
computation, vol. 9, no. 8, pp. 1735–1780, 1997, 02757.

In fact, I don't want the`02757`, which belongs to the `note` part of that reference in the database.

So is there any way to remove this `note` or manually edit which parts should be inserted to the references, e.g. Authors, Titles, Journals, Page Number, Volume, Year?
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