Add item by URL into online Zotero library?

I frequently use school/hospital computers that do not allow installation of any extensions or applications. Is there a way to add a citation directly from a URL in the online Zotero library?

For example, I would want to enter "[PMID]" into my Zotero library in the browser (without extension or client) to pull in the title, authors, journal, etc, into a new citation.

  • Thanks, that works! On some computers, the system administrator has prevented users from saving bookmarks. Is there a way to run the bookmarklet without saving it as a bookmark?
  • I would highly advise talking to the administrator first - the alternative is very tedious:

    You can right click the "Save to Zotero" button and copy the link address. On the webpage that you want to save to Zotero paste the link into the URL bar and press enter.

    Make sure that the pasted link begins with "javascript:". I.e. it should look like
    javascript:var d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.src='';(d.body?d.body:d.documentElement).appendChild(s);void(0);
    I tested on Chrome and Firefox and it seems they automatically strip the "javascript:" at the beginning of the link.
  • Thanks for pointing out the link, including the part about how "javascript:" gets stripped. I had tried copy/pasting the link before and didn't get it to work until manually adding in "javascript:" to the front of the link.

    Looks like the URL stripping is a known issue/intentional design choice in Chrome:

    I would definitely try to discuss with an administrator if I could. Another partial workaround is to prepend any character to the link and then removing that character that prior hitting Enter so that at least I don't have to write the full "javascript:" each time.

    Is there any thought of entering the URL directly into the Zotero web interface to generate the citation?
  • Is there any thought of entering the URL directly into the Zotero web interface to generate the citation?
    Yes, it's something we plan to support, though no ETA.
  • It's funny. My first use of Zotero and I immediately run into this. It seems that dstillman's suggestion is the way to go; same as in most PDF readers; Heck, even Word allows import of an image by its URL.
  • @reitsmar: I'm not sure what your "this" is. Are you saying you're trying to use Zotero in an environment where you can't install Zotero? Since the above posts, we've added, which allows you to save via URL to the online library, but the online library isn't really "Zotero" and isn't meant for any sort of advanced work.

    If you're using the desktop app, then you're just doing it wrong — you want to use the Zotero Connector to save from the browser. There are various technical reasons why saving by URL from either the web or from the Zotero app would necessarily produce worse results than saving from the Zotero Connector in your browser.
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