replace certain character automatically

I'm having a problem with URL-layout in my MS Word-Biblography, added by my custom Zotero-CSL. When there is a very long URL without any hyphens (-) Word is not able to insert line breaks at usefull places. This leads to ugly formated bibliography-entries with huge gaps (i'm using justification, not left-bound text)

The problem is visible in this link:

What I want to do is to replace every slash in each URL by a slash, followed by a No-Width Optional Break. When doing this by hand, the layout gets much better. But now I want to implement this automatically into my custom CSL-style.

In Word it is possible to find the character / and replace it by /^o. That is no solution for me, because it has to be done automatically during or after generating the bibliography.

Is anybody able to help me finding a possibiliy to achieve this?

Thanks in advance
  • You Can't manipulate field content with csl, sorry. (What You have in mind also strikes me as a bad idea, add it will likely break copy and pasting the link)
  • I tried adding a No-Width Optional Break by hand in MS Word, and the link was still working when copy and pasting it. So the idea should work in my opinion.

    Is there any other solution I could use alternatively, when changing content in CSL isn't possible?
  • I would really like a solution to this too. Proper layout software, like InDesign, can break on slashes but Word cannot. Their recommended solution is the no-width break as above. Any ideas?
  • No, this is a limitation of Word. There isn't anything that Zotero or CSL can do about that, sorry.
  • OK, thanks. I guess it will have to be a mass replace at the output stage.
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