Error report - Report ID: 680776135

Zotero Standalone MacOS

* Searched for author name in group library
* Selected two items in results
* Right click => merge items
* On the right, selected which version to use in merging
* click on "merge 2 items"

* wait for 5s, nothing happens
* click into list of search results => error message appears

  • Some people have reported that the search bar finds items across libraries — I haven't been able to reproduce that, but if that's the case for you, merging will fail. I suspect this is fixed in 5.0, which will be out soon, but for now just make sure you're not trying to merging items from different libraries and I suspect this won't happen.
  • Thank you Dan for the clarification.
    Yes, that seems to be what is going on (I was wondering why the two files didn't show up as duplicates).
    If you would like access to the libraries to do tests, we would be happy to provide it to you (it's my local library and a group library). Otherwise, we'll be looking forward to 5.0!

    Best wishes,

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