Word Processor Firefox Plugin problem


When i try to install the Firefox plugin for MS word in this website


I get an error that its not compatible with Firefox 49.0.2

I really need this plugin. How can I fix it ?

On Linux Mint 18
  • The MS Word add-on won't do anything on Linux, so you can't install it. If you do want to use Word with Zotero in Linux, you'd have to run both Zotero/Firefox _and_ Word in WINE (or wine-like software). That's not a supported constellation, though, and may well be rather finicky.
  • edited November 6, 2016
    Thank you adam, I will try to figure out what is the best way but the problem remains that Firefox 49.0.2 won't accept the plugin. Is it because you did not develop the plugin specifically for the linux version of Firefox ?
  • basically, yes -- you can tell a Firefox add-on of which operating system it should install and the WinWord add-on will only install on Windows just like the MacWord one will only install on Mac (again, because they're useless on any other system). The error message may not be ideal, but I don't think that's worth the trouble to address.
  • Thank you very much adam. I decided to run word and zotero in a VM. Thanks for replying
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