I want to upgrade but I am not the owner of the group

I use Zotero for a large research project involving the survey of about 100 magazines and thousands of articles. We set up a group library to build our database. The group library was started by one of the researchers, but he is no longer part of the project and is not currently accessible. Now I need to upgrade storage so that we can add more data, but since I am not the owner - only the admin - it seems that I cannot upgrade. Is there a way I can become the owner without losing any of the data we have been accumulating on our group library? If this is not possible, can I create a new group, transfer the existing library there, and upgrade from there? I didn't want to try this and risk losing all the data (which is the product of 1 year worth of research by 8 researchers). Losing this data will be a disaster. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • If you have contact to the current owner, they can transfer ownership in the group settings to you (and you'd be able to add storage after you accept the transfer).

    If you aren't able to contact the current owner, you can create a new group, drag the content over collection by collection and make sure everything works as desired before switching everyone to that group.
  • It worked. Thanks.
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