Modify CMS to Output "Rights" and "Extra"?

What code do I need to insert/modify if I want to output the "rights" and "extra" fields at the end of my journal article entries? Thx, M
  • "rights" isn't available in citation styles, sorry.
    Extra is called by text variable="note" -- I believe the "annotated" style for CMoS on actually does that already.
  • OK. On the surface of it, you would think that any field could be pulled. We could do a lot more with the database, but I suppose those things would not necessarily align with the mission and resources of Zotero. Thx, M
  • To the extent that you're thinking of zotero as a database and not a reference manager, you can use export translators to pull every field. It's Just the citation styles that are limited in scope
  • Okay. I've been so document and research-centric for so long now that I forgot about something as simple as getting at the back end a different way. Thx, M
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