Note is too large, but which one?

I get an error message in Zotero standalone that one of my notes is too large to sync, but the filename is gibberish to me. How can I search for and locate that note in order to delete or modify it? I assume there's a key piece of the filename I could use, but what is it? ("iVBORwOK..." is my guess. True?)

Here's the message:

"The note '

<img src="…' in your library is too long to sync to

"Shorten the note, or delete it and empty the Zotero trash, and then try syncing again."

  • it's not a filename -- it's part of the note. If you search for "iVBORw0KGgoAAAA" (without the quotation marks) in "all fields and tags" mode in the quick search bar. It should come up.

    Note that this happened because you pasted an image into a note. Unfortunately, that doesn't work, even though it initially looks like it would.
  • Aha! It's true: I searched for that and got _all_ the images I've pasted into notes, when I couldn't find TOC's in any other place than Google Books. For this particular item, it took 4 images to get the whole TOC, which pushed the envelope apparently. Much appreciated.

    Do you (or does anyone) have good suggestions for finding and adding TOCs in text form when you can't find one via the usual suspects: libraries, incl. Lib. of Congress, publishers and the like? This search reminded me that I have ~20 cases like that, where the only way I could get TOCs was as screen grabs from google books.

    Problem fixed, though, in the meantime. Thanks.

  • You could convert those screen grabs to PDFs and the OCR/text recognize them.
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