Move attachments from Zotero storage to WebDAV

After my library attachments reached 300 MB, I changed the storage to WebDAV. Freshly attached pdf files are now saved on my WebDAV storage, but the previously attached ones are still saved on Zotero's servers.
How can I move those old attachments to my WebDAV storage?
  • It should've done this automatically, but you can do a Reset File Sync History from the Sync -> Reset pane of the Zotero prefs. Don't use the other reset options.
  • Reset File Sync History from the Sync
    Unfortunately, this did not delete the files that were originally stored to the Zotero web storage. It's still on 300 MB used storage
  • Well, but are they on your webDAV? That'd be the more important question. Once that has worked, you can remove them from the Zotero server using the "Purge Storage" button here:
  • Ok, yes they are. At first I thought they weren't, but in fact I just didn't find them on my webDAV storage. I was searching for the file names of the pdfs, but Zotero stores those pdf files in zip-archives which made them untraceable via the search function. They can be found by the name of the folder they are located in.

    So, "purge storage" worked. Thank you!
  • Is it possible to remove certain items or go little by little instead of puring the whole storage?
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