"Show only top-level items" option for quick search

For most (but not all) of my quick searches, I am looking for the top-level item. I know there isn't a great deal of spare screen space around there, but how about an option to only show top-level items when quick searching?

I have a suggestion that would also resolve another little user interface niggle I've been thinking about.

Sometimes I forget I have something typed into the quick search box, and I wonder where all (or most) of my items have gone. First I check whether I have a tag selected. Then, in principle, I might check what collection I have selected (although personally I don't use collections). Finally, I realise I forgot to clear the quick search box.

Motivation for suggestion:
You know that horizontal mini-pane that appears at the top of the Firefox HTML client area whenever Firefox catches a popup window, or prevents a website from installing a program without your permission, etc? The mini-pane says something helpful like "Firefox stopped a popup window" and it also offers an "Options" button.

I suggest such a mini-pane at the top of Zotero's list of items whenever a quick search is active. It could say "Quick search results" (left aligned) and "Show only top-level items [checkbox]" (right-aligned). The mini-pane would disappear when the quick search box is cleared. The existence of such a mini-pane would make it obvious that a quick search is filtering the list of items; and its automatic disappearance would hide the "Show only top-level items" option most of the time.
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