[Solved] 5.0 SA beta r58:Moving feed items to library collections

edited October 17, 2016
I seem to be unable to move items from a feed to a collection in my library when using the standalone. The same process within the FF plugin (r54) works flawlessly. I have listed a debug number for the failed move when using the StandAlone. The red bordered box listing the item doesn't appear within the standalone even after a long wait. The box appears quickly when using the beta FF plugin.


So far, almost everything else with the standalone beta works fine.

I can drag a collection item to add it to a a different collection. However, on my Mac I cannot seem to be able to MOVE an item from one collection to another. Command-drag leaves the item in the original collection and also adds it to the target collection.

Downloading individual items or multiple items from databases and publishers works.

Editing items in my library works.

Syncing library items and group items works.

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