How to get rid of the full stop in the reference

Zotero, Style Chicago Manual Full Note or SBL Full note automatically puts a period at the end of each reference. However, often, in a footnote, I do not want a period but go on with my sentence. For example, I get: Alan Appelbaum, The Rabbis' King Parables, 24., has said.... Obviously I do not want a period after 24. How can I change the style so that I avoid this double punctuation?
  • the recommended way to handle this is to put commentary on notes in the suffix/prefix field of the citation.

    If you do want to edit the style, you'd remove suffix="." from
    <layout suffix="." delimiter="; ">.
    See here for general instructions:
  • Dear Adam, if I try your first solution, I can indeed add a comma, but I cannot remove the period. I get a reference like: ... Title., says.... The period remains. Is my only choice to change the style?
  • This thread and others like it are so important and remain unresolved. I need to remove final punctuation in about every other citation--e.g., "Informational footnote text (Author, Title, Page)." With Zotero as it is, this becomes "(Author, Title, Page.)."--two periods in a row. I've tried a closing parenthesis in the suffix box, but for some reason Zotero turns it to a bracket--and a bracket is also a bracket. By the time I am finished manually overriding Zotero in a whole monograph (Society for Biblical Literature style, similar to Chicago style), much of the document cannot be updated. I see multiple threads about requests for an option to remove final punctuation, but they date years back, and there still seems to be no such option. Is this likely to be an option in the future? Or am I missing something that would work around this? Thanks much!!
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