Change citation style for whole Word document retroactively?

Dear Zotero community,

I have written a very long document (more than 1k citations) in Word 2008 for Mac with Zotero. I have used the citation style "Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften (Heilmann)", with citations in footnotes.

My question is: Can I change the citation style for all citations at once retroactively in an automated way? The desired change would be drastic, replacing footnote citations by in-text citations with Harvard-style short forms (author year, to be precise).

(The background is that I'd like to take the somewhat insane route of setting and submitting the same document in LaTeX. My idea is to convert the Word file via writer2latex. I could then easily replace Harvard-style in-text citations by similar BibTeX keys.)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  • It is easy to change citation styles if you inserted them using the word processor plugin:

    You might want to look into the Better BibTeX plugin if you want to use Zotero with LaTeX.
  • Thank you @bwiernik . I feel a bit embarrassed. Of course I had consulted the documentation before; I think when I tried changing the citation style in the "document preferences" this seemingly illicited no reaction, simply because the document was quite large and the operation would have taken a long time. I tried it on a shorter document now and everything works just fine.
  • Great! Yes, switching styles updates every field in the document so it can take some time with very large documents.
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