SEO Zotero web accounts

I'm sure this is no revelation, but from browsing through public profiles when searching for a specific person, upwards of 90% of the accounts seem to be fake accounts for SEO. Any plans to deal with this, or ways the community can help, for example tagging abusive accounts?
  • You can report spam accounts using the "Report Abuse" button on their profile (see e.g. at the topr right on -- though obviously you don't want to report yourself).
    I don't think there's much of an effort to clean up Spam accounts as long as they don't actively spam (e.g. on the forum)

    It is, btw., a complete mystery what the point of those spam accounts is. They don't serve for SEO, since Zotero marks all links in profiles with rel="nofollow"
  • (I think we'll probably end up removing people browsing altogether and just leave search. It's not worth anyone's time (including the community's) to deal with this.)
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