Firefox seems to freeze sometimes since I installed Zotero

Toady I just read an Article in "Der Spiegel" about Firefox and frequent writing on harddisks and SSDs, that can cause problems with the SSDs lifetime.

There I read also that one should modify an entry in Firefox's about:config

The parameter browser.sessionstore.interval ist normally set to 10000 or 15000 which means Firefox will store the browser-sessions every 10 or 15 seconds to have a restore if Firefox crashes.
When heavily surfing, that means Firefox will write up to 35 GB (!) each day on the harddisk or SSD.

Setting up that value to 60000 or even much more will tell Firefox to store the browsers content for a restore in case of a crash not so often, e.g. only every 60 seconds for the above mentioned.

In my case that seemed to have stopped my freezing Firefox.

Could somone else try out? Could the Zotero-Guys check this and give a notice back, if that could be a solution for sometimes freezing Firefox when Zotero PLugin installed to Firefox?

Thanks in advance!

Link for the german article:
  • I don't think that has anything to do with Zotero — as far as I know nothing Zotero-related should end up in the session store, which stores webpage state.
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