How to set up a folder "last imported"?

The ways to import citiations into Zotero are quite numerous and good. But there seems to be no easy way to import new citations (or all newly imported ones) to one defined folder.

How can I set up a folder e.g. "last imported" or a kind of macro, that will import all new citations into one special folder?

As I collect a large number of citations day by day, but tag them afterwords, it would be great to have them in such a folder. The personal bibliography isn't just the right place, as this contains all citations I ever imported.

If Zotero 4.X can't do this, it would be great to have such a functionality in Zotero 5.
  • Do an advanced search (magnifing glass) for
    Date Added -- is in the last -- 7 days
    (or whatever is a good time period), then create a saved search for that.

    You can also combine that with another condition like missing a specific tag or so, so items that you tag (say, with "filed") disappear from that view.

    Alternatively, you can just use the "Unfiled" view and sort it by date.
  • It seems the search is not possible in the Web-Version? I mostly have to use this due to security-reasons at the office I work in - I'm not allowed to install Zotero Stand Alone.
  • yeah, sorry, can't do this on the web; can't say when, if at all, this will happen for the web app. Zotero is designed principally as an installable application.
  • Is there a version to be installed on a USB-stick? That could be a workaround.
  • edited September 28, 2016 might work; not sure if you can run Zotero Standalone of a USB stick on Windows (on Linux you can)
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