Chicago "sub verbo" citations for alphabetically arranged reference works

edited September 27, 2016
For articles in dictionaries and encyclopedias, Chicago 16 specifies that the item should be cited by "s.v." rather than by page number. See 14.247

e.g. _Encyclopedia Britanica_, 15th ed., s.v. "salvation."

Is there a way to get this output from the Dictionary and Encyclopedia item types?

Aside from these contexts, I've also come across the use of "s.v." in an online database cataloguing early 78 RPM recordings. The Discography of American Historical Recordings expressly asks to cited thusly:

_Discography of American Historical Recordings_, s.v. "Victor 4473 (Black label (popular) 10-in. single-faced)," accessed September 27, 2016,
  • You can add s.v. as a locator (i.e. in the word add-on) and it should come out right. That'll work for the first citation, at least; won't work for the 2nd one where the s.v. is before the URL
  • Right – thanks @adamsmith

    It seems, however, that this means that I have to leave "Victor 4473 (Black label (popular) 10-in. single-faced)" out of the title field in the Encyclopedia type – else it also gets put at the beginning of the citation. So it means 'parking it' somewhere in the record and then copying and pasting it at the time of citation.

    More importantly, it makes the Zotero item illegible: the encyclopedia icon appears in the central panel without either a title beside it or a creator in the Creator column!

    Given that dictionary and encyclopedia entries are supposed to be treated using s.v. in Chicago, should not the style for these item types simply be treating the "Title" field accordingly (which for these items types could be called "Entry title")?

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