SSRN isn't just for legal academics and lawyers (also econ, business, management, etc.), but a whole lot of us use it. There definitely needs to be a translator for SSRN! Also, creating a snapshot from PDFS at SSRN gives an error when you try to open the snapshot or file - the %PDF thing.

  • Agreed that SSRN would be a valuable addition. For now, it's possible to export a citation in EndNote style and then re-import it. On my machine, Zotero doesn't "catch" the export (I need to save the file and then import it), but it's still faster than entering by hand.
  • I've installed Solvent and would be happy to list the XPaths for the various citation fields if that would speed things up. Trying to write the rest is a bit much for me at this stage.
  • Agreed. It seems very strange that support for SSRN is not done yet.
  • I have an SSRN translator ready at:

    A couple of important notes:

    - log into SSRN first
    - it doesn't take automatic snapshots of the PDFs since SSRN's method for downloads involves HTTP 302 responses and other tricks to prevent fraudulent downloads (take a look using Live Headers to see what I mean)


    I've checked this into my google project. I also checked in an early version of a Thomas - Bills/Resolutions translator that isn't ready for primetime yet.

  • Thanks - how does one use that? :)
  • We need to roll it into our code, after which your copy of Zotero should automatically update to use it within 24 hours.

    Thanks, Bill! We'll check it out and ship it out as soon as we can.
  • Hi, I dont understand much of the tech talk here but I logged into SSRN but zotero is not able to read it yet. I went to preferences and tried to update as well ... seems to make no difference
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    matheujon wrote:
    >Hi, I dont understand much of the tech talk here but I logged into SSRN but zotero is not >able to read it yet. I went to preferences and tried to update as well ... seems to make no >difference

    The SSRN translator hasn't been added yet. Please wait a little longer.
  • Have y'all contacted SSRN yet about automagically getting PDFs? I submitted a request!
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    According to the latest changelog SSRN has been added:

    I couldn't get PDFs added automagically in the translator I contributed for various technical reasons that most people don't care about (see above somewhere).

    Maybe someone else will come up with the trick at some point.
  • Neither SSRN or HeinOnline seem to be working correctly; I get translator errors when using both. This is quite unfortunate, as these are very valuable resources.
  • I also cannot access SSRN - any idea whats wrong?
  • I just figured it out - I wasn't logged in to SSRN!

  • There's been mention of this in the "PDF saving advice?" thread, but I'm having trouble with SSRN citations pulled into Zotero. Working Paper/Discussion Paper numbers seem to be left out completely.

    Many thanks to those who are working on this!!
  • SSRN is *still* not saving PDFs, even when logged in. Is this just me?
  • SSRN articles have a "Suggested Citation" below the abstract, including the citation to the article in all of the journals where an article is published.
    When I right mouse click on an SSRN citation and add it to Zotero, Zotero doesn't recognize it as a journal article citation but as a web page citation. Can this be fixed?
    Zotero has the function of including more than one author name, but doesn't have the option to include more than one journal name. Can the option of including more than one journal be added?
  • jrensler - adding more than one journal name doesn't seem to make sense to me.
    If an article is really published multiple times you should cite the version that you use. If you want to cite both, you want two separate entries, but I can't see a scenario where you would actually want two journal titles for one item.

    If you right-click on something in SSRN to get it into Zotero, you're not using Zotero correctly - see some of the introductory documentation - you want to use the icon in the URL bar.
    But the data that SSRN provides - try exporting to Endnote - just isn't terribly good, so there is only so much that Zotero can do in any case.
  • Below is one example of the "Suggested Citation" for an article on SSRN, with two journal citations, plus a link to the SSRN version of the article--my request is for Zotero to be able to capture all of this data. Is this possible?

    Diamond, Randy J., Advancing Public Interest Practitioner Research Skills in Legal Education. North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 7, p. 67, 2005; U of Missouri-Columbia School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2006-13. Available at SSRN:
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    Yes, with a minor qualification. SSRN doesn't offer clean metadata; the journal name, volume, issue number, page number and year are all munged into a single string. There will be some guesswork involved in extracting those details from the string. But it's there and it's visible, and so long as they don't play around with us too much (by changing the cite format, etc.) it can be done.
  • Okay, thank you for the information!
  • While possible in theory, I would ask, though if this is _desirable_
    The only way to do this right, imho, is to create two separate items and I'm not sure that all users would appreciate that.
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    True, an SSRN preprint is distinct from the final journal version.

    I'm interested in improved SSRN support, though, because it can be useful to students who return to work environments where they don't have access to fee-based aggregators. Perhaps this could be handled with the CSL "status" field, if it becomes available in Zotero?

    (Edit: Or perhaps simply include the SSRN URL in the cite?)
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